efficient effective exercise



We are friendly, fun, and professional (some say the happiest butt kickers in the industry). We love helping people become strong & healthy and we want you to succeed.


A science-based workout that is efficient, effective, and safe. Always one-on-one in a private room. Always intense and only 15-minutes .
It is one of the most physically difficult challenges you will ever do, but as trainer Alanna says, “If my 86 year old grandma can do it, so can you.”


1414 Kensington Road NW. On the west end of Kensington, we have free parking out front. Our studio is welcoming, calming, and impeccably clean.
Our new location is in South Calgary at 380-Canyon Meadows Drive SE.


You – because you need a high-functioning body to move through your days with energy and stamina. You want to be strong and capable while looking and feeling attractive and healthy. You are a busy person who values your time, cares about your health and is ready to commit to yourself and get results. Our clients are younger professionals with or without kids, in the busy middle years of life juggling many responsibilities, or are partially to fully retired from the work world.

Us – because we love helping you look fab, while feeling strength, proud, and confident in your body. We believe health and high energy is both attainable and sustainable for everyone.


We are open 7 days a week.
You train with us on a once a week basis that fits your schedule. It can be a standing appointment, or you may go online and book any time 24 hours in advance of your workout.


You lift weights in slow motion until your muscles are fully exhausted with zen-like calm, samurai determination, mental focus, posture, form, breathing, and strength you did not know you had.
Yes, it’s challenging; you leave feeling that “good” tired, yet energized, and standing taller, feeling proud to be in your body.

For fitness in Calgary – choose Evolved Health!