“This 15 minute exercise is excellent.

In just over 6 months of weekly exercising I’ve lost 40 pounds, my pants have gone from a tight 36 to a loose 32 waist and I feel stronger and the muscle tone feels more like what it did in my 30’s.  My body is the shape it was in my 20’s.  (I’m 55)

I have never been one to workout on a regular basis. The time commitment always seemed onerous. I would rather do physical work. So the idea of taking less than an hour out of my week was more appealing.

Initially I just did the workout, after 2 months I reduced sugar and grain carbohydrates which enhanced the fat loss and I do not miss the old way of eating.

The best thing of all is that my body doesn’t ache in the morning when I start to move.”

Bernie Fitterer, Project Manager, Calgary, AB


Written by: Evolved Admin

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