Benefits & Services

  • Develop strength, definition, and muscle tone
  • Improve posture, decrease neck and back pain
  • Boost energy levels and alleviate stress
  • Regulate cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Reduce inflammation, chronic pain, and arthritis symptoms
  • Elevate metabolism and trim body fat
  • Increase bone density and reduce risks of osteoporosis
  • Experience better sleep quality and wake up with less pain and stiffness
  • Regulate blood sugar, insulin levels, and hormone function
  • Rehabilitate after injury or illness
  • Improve cardiovascular function

This is the best exercise for creating energy and quality aging.

Having energy brings stamina for enjoying the good times (think skiing all day without fatigue, an amazing golf drive, playing with your children after work [or grandchildren], gardening dusk until dawn without an aching back, passing the younger bikers or runners on the trail)

  • Efficient : No more guilt, no more excuses.
  • Effective : Science proven results.
  • Safe : Specialized risk reduced protocol.


  • Rates are $40 for a full body workout with your personal trainer in a private room
  • Monthly rates provided in studio

We are a private fitness studio based on the slow motion weight lifting system of high intensity/low volume training. We use medical quality machines and a personal instructor guides each client through every work out. The workout takes 15 minutes once a week and the results are amazing. The once a week workouts are short (15 minutes) and the 5-10 repetitions are slow (10 seconds up and 10 seconds down on average). Once a week you walk in, sit down at each of 5 pre-set machines, do 5-10 SLOW repetitions on each, and get back to your life in 15 minutes. You have a professional personal instructor with you all the time who encourages you, tracks your progress, ensures your improvement, and takes care of all set up during the session.

This exercise method is the best way to build muscle and burn body fat, and has many other positive health results such as improving insulin sensitivity, reducing metabolic syndrome, strengthening cardio vascular health, relieving pain, and increasing bone density.

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  1. Hi, I'm not sure how to cancel appointments. I accidentally booked March 28th at 6:40pm but meant to book on March 29th instead. I booked March 29th immediately after. Can you cancel my appointment on the 28th?