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Weight training improves Cardio Fitness

I had read about it.  My clients told me it worked.  I’d heard it from my colleagues.  But I had not tested it or experienced it for myself.  (bad bio-hacker) Last two weekends that changed.  I hiked (briskly, read Go Marine Go!) up and down Johnston Canyon to the Inkpots (12 Km /215 M elevation […]

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Sleep Challenge

How is the Sleep challenge? Which changes are you making to improve your quality and quantity of sleep? Let us know how it is going when you come in for training. We love to support your steady, small changes that ultimately keep you wholistically healthy, strong and trim. Here is a link to an article […]

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Adequate replenishing rest is essential for optimum health and weight management. This month at Evolved Health our theme is sleep. Sleep determines how much you eat, what foods you crave and if your body stores or burns the calories. Sufficient, restorative sleep is the best way to metabolize stress hormones like cortisol. It is the […]

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Sleep and Posture Part 2

Have you taken up the January Evolved Health challenge to observe your posture and breathing? Have you been noticing how often you hold your breath or breathe only into your chest? Breath is one of the easiest gateways to controlling something that you can control – your mental state, energy level and ultimately, your health. […]

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Posture and Breathing

January’s Evolved Health theme is posture and breathing. Why focus on posture and breathing in the month when everyone is in a frenzy to lose that 10 pounds gained over the last year? Because we are seeking to gradually add the inputs that over time will lead to health and ideal weight. At Evolved Health, […]

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Mindful Exercise

As a martial artist I learned to pay attention to small details in my body. Mindful exercise is the art of noticing. As you lift the weights in slow motion, notice sensations in your body – tension, pain, shaking, vibration, relaxation, pleasure, your body alignment. The next step is discerning which sensations require action and […]

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Remembrance Day Reflection – Too Much Food and Detox

I hope you had time this day to reflect on our immense good fortune to live in a free society.  Past sacrifices made for the sake of this freedom allow us unprecedented liberty.  We are a blessed and privileged citizenry for sure. In fact, we live in so much food abundance that I now find […]

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Thanksgiving Greetings

Belated Thanksgiving gratitude and acknowledgement to you as a treasured client at Evolved Health.  It is an honour and distinct privilege to work with the rare breed of person who is dedicated to his/her health enough to undergo the weekly discomfort of muscular failure x 4 or 5.  We trainers hope you know, even if […]

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Invisible Benefits Happening Behind the Scenes

Happy September!  We hope you felt the positive effects of weight training while enjoying summer’s pleasures like golfing, hiking, biking and water sports. Many of you have told us that you felt much stronger and healthier this summer with better cardio vascular conditioning, more confident in your summer clothes and proud of your body. Hearing […]

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Have summer fun being strong!

Happy mid-late Summer!  I enjoy hearing how your strength gains are enhancing summer fun.  Better golf drives (haven’t heard anything on putting yet;-), miraculous gardening feats (moved 6 metric tons of dirt and supplies), cycling victories, running personal bests, and feeling super human hiking the big mountains.  We’ve had a couple people move over the […]