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Will Bulletproof Coffee Deflect Bullets?

Source: Bulletproof Coffee Website (The answer is no, but it can drastically change your metabolism & give your brain superpowers.) At 15 Minute Exercise we like to make the impossible, possible. Such as, building muscle & bone density in just 15 minutes of weight lifting a week. Sounds crazy, but hey, science is science. So […]

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Eat like a caveman! Here’s why

What is Paleo? Paleo is everywhere. The books, the blogs, even the celebrity endorsement. With it being such a trend in the past year, and remaining in the spotlight, it is impossible to avoid Paleo. So what exactly is Paleo? Is it another diet that requires the self-control that only monks possess? Do you have […]

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Metabolisms are not only for the young!

Metabolism Boosters Is your metabolism preventing you from shedding those few extra pounds? Even with diet and exercise, with a slow metabolism, weight loss can be almost impossible. Luckily, there are a few methods available to restore that indolent metabolism! If you have a slow metabolism, it’s can be due to chronic inflammation. With a […]

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Chia – Turning your childhood grass pet into your adulthood superfood!

Bone broth. Does not exactly sound appetizing does it? If you ask me, it sounds almost witch-like and mystical. Never would I have thought that meat-flavored water would be a trending food in 2015. Are you hungry yet? All skepticism aside, I decided to do a little research on this bone broth, as it is […]

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Calgary restaurants prove that nutritious can be delicious!

I recently found a twitter account that features healthy restaurants in Calgary. I was pretty excited about this. Eating at popular restaurants is sometimes difficult, as they do not have a wide selection of healthy meals that will leave you feeling full. Luckily, this twitter account also has an entire website that archives healthy eats […]

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Natural Cold-Fighting Remedies

Why are colds so common in the wintertime? What is the perfect way to top off short days, freezing temps, and awful driving conditions? A cold of course! What is better than alternating between scraping ice off your car and wiping your runny nose on your jacket sleeve? All snot aside, Dr. Mercola states the […]