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When my husband is goofing around with our son, he does this thing where he kisses his biceps and does this Mister Strong thing! Its good to see him proud of his body and strength again.

Fran W, Calgary

Last year’s summer shorts are baggy!

Anaya L, Calgary

My cholesterol is in the healthy range! My doctor is impressed!

Debbie B, Calgary

This is the first thing ever to help me improve my posture. I feel so good.

Lisa P, Calgary

I know I was less injured and will recover faster because of the muscle.

Gwen P. (had a serious cycling accident), Calgary

I love feeling strong and toned. I am very happy to have found a sustainable workout of weights/yoga/walking – each just once per week. I love my trainers. Their encouragement makes all the difference. I have 5 grand children and I can haul them in and out of car seats with ease!

Lillas H. (age 62), Calgary

Since I started 8 months ago, my back and knee pain is completely gone.

Rob W, Calgary

I had terrible frozen shoulder for years. No more since starting Feb ’14.

Diana W, Calgary

Finally my ‘saddle bags” are gone.

Debbie C, Calgary

My dhea (important for hormone regulation) levels are into the normal range after trying for 7 years to achieve this. My anti-aging physician is amazed!

Brenda, Calgary

I have so much more energy. I’ve never had this definition before.

Krystal C, Calgary

After only 3 workouts I feel like I have a younger body and feel stronger!

Cindy T (age 59) Calgary

I planted 33 spruce trees by myself!

Jackie T, Calgary

My weight is down, muscle tone and definition up and my strength and endurance continue to improve. I previously had impaired fasting glucose (pre-diabetes) One year after training at Evolved health my hemoglobin AIC (3 month average of blood glucose) is completely normal, my HDL (good cholesterol) has significantly increased and my energy has improved. I feel STRONG and healthy and my medical check up has confirmed my improved health. Thank you Evolved Health!

Jeannie, Calgary

It’s been over a year and I keep thinking I don’t need to come back. But then I do something I haven’t done for years, like ski downhill for a day and its like I never stopped for 10 years! Or just the other day, playing on the monkey bars in a schoolyard with the agility of a kid so….”hang in there”

*Robert V, Calgary, AB

After just 3 months my back and hip paint is gone and I am stronger that when I was 20. I can carry both of our 6 year old twin girls upstairs.

Yvea, Calgary, AB
Effective Team Fusion

My mother had severe scoliosis her whole life. I was born with scoliosis. When I first came to EH, I could not cross my legs or ankles. I had constant pain in my hips and knees. After almost 6 months here the pain is completely gone and I have mobility in my legs and ankles. Between my workouts I have regular massage and my body is finally straightening out. Thank you Evolved Health. Barb. W

*Barb W., Calgary, AB

My naturopath is saying that these workouts here at Evolved are doing wonderful things for me. I had to do some ozone treatments last week and my blood was as pretty going out as it was coming back again. Very very cherry red so I will be continuing these workouts!  

*Linda F, Calgary

2015 was one of the happiest years of my life and meeting and training with Kirei and her Team was such a big part of that.  After over 20 years of spending 5+ days per week in the gym working hard with minimal results, this year I got my life back.  With so much extra time in my life by doing things this way,  I had time to accomplish and explore many hobbies and goals I had wanted to for years.  I had time to have more fun, so much more energy and better results than in past years.  I saw my hormone levels stabilize, overuse injuries heal, and explored other things that interested me outside of the gym.  And I saw my shape improve in ways that I hadn’t previously despite years of dedication to the gym.   By not working so hard in such a forced manner, I also saw pleasure return to my life, including the pleasure in enjoying food.  The change this year was truly all-encompassing and a big part of that was the time I had for rest and healing.  I am so grateful to the Evolve Team and truly looking forward to all we experience together in 2016.

*Selina B, Calgary, AB

After almost 6 months of 15ME, I wanted to tell you how delighted I am with the results I have experienced. As a woman over sixty, I confess that I HATED exercise and, before this, had worked out in a gym no more than twenty times in my entire life. (Not that I’m proud of it but that’s the truth.) Since going to 15ME, I have not missed a weekly session and I actually look forward to attending because of the positive environment and the workouts are over so quickly. When the trainers tell me the weights I lifted or pushed, I find it empowering to know how much progress I’ve made.

Two days ago, I walked beside a float in the Stampede Parade and I had plenty of energy right to the last step, keeping up with people less than half my age. I slept very well that night, mind you!

Someone with a pedometer said that, by the time we returned to the bus, we had walked more than eleven kilometres. Because my legs are very strong, I knew they wouldn’t be tired but I was concerned that my arms might not be able to wave for two hours straight. Well! Yesterday and today, both my arms AND my legs have felt absolutely fine. I did notice my neck a tiny bit yesterday morning because, during the parade, I kept looking up and waving at the people high up in the parking garages and on balconies. I really do mean “noticed”. My neck didn’t hurt but I was aware that I had used those muscles more than usual.

Yesterday I felt so great, I actually showed off my new-found biceps to my family!

I want to thank you and your staff for helping me to feel so capable, strong, and confident:
– Leah for her warmth and enthusiasm, encouraging me to go to your open house, and for being my steadfast cheerleader
– Val, Alanna, and King for being so supportive and kind (yet effective!) and helping me learn to connect with my body
– and you, Kirei, for really listening to me and gently guiding me onto this path of vigour.

*Marion Nichols

I hate exercise. I don’t have an hour plus and travel time to go to the gym 2-3 times per week. When it is cold and dark, I want to stay home. But I know I need to exercise. So, what to do?

I was introduced to Evolved Health by a friend. I have been faithfully going for the past 6 months. Having a one-on-one trainer to make sure I am doing things correctly makes me feel safe. Unlike going to a mass production gym where you are just one of the crowd. Being encouraged and corrected as I work through each machine ensures I am giving my best.

People are noticing a difference. My posture started improving after just two sessions. Each week I can do a little more. My dress size has dropped and my pants are baggy. Slow and steady wins the race and I am going to get in shape with a commitment of 15 minutes per week!

Come and try this out. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

*Nancy Scott , Calgary AB

This 15 minute exercise is excellent.
I have never been one to workout on a regular basis. The time commitment always seemed onerous. I would rather do physical work. So the idea of taking less than an hour out of my week was more appealing.
In just over 10 months of weekly exercising I’ve lost 40 pounds, my pants have gone from a tight 36 to a loose 32 waist and I feel stronger and the muscle tone feels more like what it did in my 30’s. My body is the shape it was in my 20’s. (I’m 55)
Initially I just did the workout, after 2 months I reduced sugar and grain carbohydrates which enhanced the fat loss and I do not miss the old way of eating.
The best thing of all is that my body doesn’t ache in the morning when I start to move.

*Bernie F., Calgary, AB

My wife and I have been working out with Evolved Health for over a year now and it has dramatically improved our lives. Both my wife and I were struggling with excess weight, two injured knees and chronic back pain. Since working out with Evolved Health our knees have both stabilized, which has allowed us to participate in activities that we were unable to prior to joining the program. Our backs are pain free, our bodies are continuing to get toned and we are STRONG. Before finding Evolved Health we were struggling with juggling two kids, a business and 3 hours of exercise per week. Evolved Health has been the perfect balance for us.

*Rob A., Calgary, AB
Verge Permaculture

Initially, I was skeptical of the concept of “15-Minute Exercise.” So many things really fail to deliver on what they say they do. What I appreciate about the concept is that it fits into my schedule and sets me up for success. With owning my own business and having two children, I would never be able to commit to a 3 hour workout routine a week – 15-minutes, yes! I am able to follow through with my commitment and be in integrity with my health.

Kirei and the staff at Evolved Health fully deliver – it is possible to get an amazing workout in only 15 minutes. I have seen the positive benefits in my body, spirit and mind – my 15-minutes each week is a zen experience that has shifted the way I look at physical activity entirely. I feel amazing in my skin and am more present in my day to day.

Without telling friends that I am working out, I have had many unsolicited compliments on how fit I look. And my 2 daughters regularly ask me to flex my biceps for them.

I would not hesitate to recommend this workout to anyone, and have.

*Rob Sinclair, Calgary AB
Conscious Brands

While the concepts made sense before I started, I was still a little skeptical 15ME could take the place of traditional workouts 3-4 times a week in the gym. Well it has, and with such efficiency! I’m always running around with no spare time, annoyed about my lack of personal health. Well, no more. 15ME has made a significant improvement in getting me back in shape physically, which in turn helps with all other parts of my life. I don’t give praise easily but it’s been a great experience and I’m looking forward to my next workout!

*Christian, Calgary AB
Black Sheep Mattress

For years I was looking for the right exercise program for my patients and myself. I read studies and books. I interviewed many in the exercise field. Asked my Olympic and professional patients, I learned a lot of what didn’t work or what produced injuries. When I discovered Super Slow – High Intensity Training I was intrigued, but figured there was a hidden downside. After more than a year of sending patients and doing it myself I have yet to find the downside. We all see improvements in strength, flexibility and endurance. Patients who couldn’t lose weight lost weight. What at first seemed too simple to be true I now realize is the exercise our body is designed to do

*Owen Marcus, MA, CAR
Holistic Medical Clinic Owner

Discovering the 15 minute workout was a life saver for me! As a single, working Mom, I struggled to fit in exercise. Fitness is a priority for me, yet I never had enough time. Once I realized the 15 minute workout was so effective, I found getting back in shape wasn’t so far out of reach! The workout is really intense and gratifying, plus it doesn’t leave me too worn out or sore to continue with my hectic schedule

*Margaret Tweetie Dalhberg, Calgary, AB
Professional Pianist, Music Teacher

Results May Vary, the asterisks are linked mentioning “Results may vary” View Disclaimer Here
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