Invisible Benefits Happening Behind the Scenes

September 16, 2015    |    by admin    |    in Uncategorized

Happy September!  We hope you felt the positive effects of weight training while enjoying summer’s pleasures like golfing, hiking, biking and water sports.
Many of you have told us that you felt much stronger and healthier this summer with better cardio vascular conditioning, more confident in your summer clothes and proud of your body.
Hearing these comments sends us over the moon happy to serve you.
Don’t forget the invisible part of your body’s transformation through high intensity weight training that includes the following:
       Increased bone density
       Improved glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity (regulating this is essential to ward off diabetes and excess weight)
       Reduced systemic inflammation (say no to future arthritis and relieve overall pain throughout body)
       Reduced blood pressure and cholesterol
       Greater levels of dhea (precursor to all hormone regulation) and human growth hormone (keeps you looking and feeling younger)
Higher confidence and energy (attracts great things to your life and keeps you motivated to take exceptional care of YOU) 

You may have noticed some other changes over the summer as we moved through our branding project.  Da da-da!  We are now Evolved Health Personal Training Studio.  Check out the new website with photo and video gallery at
And please take a few of our new brochures to leave at your workplace or with your friends.  We appreciate your help to rave about our unique and functional approach to working out.  Your referrals are genuinely appreciated.

Nutrition and detoxing are also key for all levels of health.  Check out our friends who can help you in both these areas:
Lymphatic massage and Infrared Wraps will help you release and sweat out toxins that are causing you to feel sluggish and retain excess weight.  (toxins hang out in our fat cells therefore detox is paramount to fat loss)
And…. it feels great!  We LOVE our Rejuve days!  The Rejuve gals really pamper you.  
Tell them Evolved Health sent you and get 10% off massages and a FREE infrared sauna with your lymphatic massage/heat wrap treatment!

Healthy Chef Delivery.
This is dream life!   Healthy Chef cooks this amazing, healthy, organic, delicious food and delivers it to your door!
It just does not get any better than this!  (well, except if George Cluny was waiting in the bin for dinner) 

Thank you all for trusting Evolved Health to provide a safe, effective and efficient workout for your busy schedule.  We love to serve your health needs and will never waste your precious time with exercise that does not work.