Mindful Exercise

December 15, 2015    |    by admin    |    in Uncategorized

As a martial artist I learned to pay attention to small details in my body. Mindful exercise is the art of noticing. As you lift the weights in slow motion, notice sensations in your body – tension, pain, shaking, vibration, relaxation, pleasure, your body alignment. The next step is discerning which sensations require action and which can simply be observed. This is the beginning of creating a powerful positive relationship with your body.

The tip this week for your workout is:

Make your start as slow as possible. This “orderly recruitment” of the slow, medium and fast twitch muscles will ultimately affect the quality of your muscular fatigue and failure. The slower the start, the higher the quality muscular stimulation and exhaustion. Also, it is safer to begin very slowly. The first rep is your warm up.

Take your mindfulness outside the workout. Keep noticing your body – the fatigue, the feelings of muscle that have worked hard for you, the mild pain, the pleasure of tiredness, the buzz of energy moving in you and through you. Ask what requires your action. A nap perhaps? Or are you really wanting to go for a walk in the sunshine? Or can you just observe without doing anything or judging.

Notice your body. Thank your body. Love your body. 😉