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Success Stories

Yvea Zaels – burning out with 2 kids and a full time job

“The workout built my strength again. After getting married, moving, changing job, having twins and while having busy professional career, I almost stopped all of my sport activities. My body was aching and getting weak. I did not have the energy I needed and my body felt sagged. After just a few workouts my back and hips stopped hurting, arms flopping, muscles were refined and my strength and energy grew. I started jogging and swimming every week again after almost ten years. I even signed up for tennis lessons. I am as strong as when I was 20 year old, expect my arms are much stronger.(now in late 40’s) Having strength helps me to keep up my with our active small kids even on the monkey bars or doing home dance performances. I have more energy and feel happier. Thank you Evolved Health and all of the incredible coaches.”