Thanksgiving Greetings

October 14, 2015    |    by admin    |    in Uncategorized

Belated Thanksgiving gratitude and acknowledgement to you as a treasured client at Evolved Health.  It is an honour and distinct privilege to work with the rare breed of person who is dedicated to his/her health enough to undergo the weekly discomfort of muscular failure x 4 or 5.  We trainers hope you know, even if we use our stern voice sometimes and push you hard, that we LOVE Y’ALL to pieces and feel deep appreciation for your commitment and trust!
Hearing your testimonials as we gather our Client success stories this month has been a great pleasure; thank you for sharing them.   
And meeting some of your out of town family at the studio this past week has been very enjoyable as well. (Thank you for sharing them too!)

One of my Thanksgiving highlights was my daughter, trainer Alanna, coaching my mom (chronological age 85) through the workout.  It was Mom’s first visit to the studio and a very joyful moment for me. (she rocked the workout!)

Next weekend I’ll be at the Anti-aging, Wellness and Beauty Expo.  I am speaking on the Power triad of nutrition, exercise and stress management for avoiding “middle age frumpiness” Given the theme of the expo, anti aging, I will focus on how 15ME (and the power triad) stops aging and begins to reverse it through healing metabolic function and hormone regulation.
This is the underlying issue that most of us in this culture must address first before the slower, body composition shift occurs. (Ie.  healing metabolism and regulating hormones will result in fat burning!) When we do this through whole/real food diet, HIT strength training and adopting ways to lessen the effects of stress, we move toward living our potential with a body that feels and looks fantastic, is sustainable for the long term and will actually begin to reverse the aging process.  (or, as I like to say – Be strong, be sexy and be happy!)