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The Science

How is it possible to achieve fitness with just one 15 minute workout per week?

Effective exercise is the proper stimulus acting upon your body to create the adaptive change.  We provide the best possible conditions for your body to build more muscle and strength.  This in turn creates a cascade of health and anti aging benefits.

  1. 1-We are a high intensity training studio.  You must push yourself (with the support of your trainer) to a level of muscle fatigue that signals your body to respond with more muscle and improved metabolism.  Our slow motion weight training (8-10 seconds in each direction for each repetition) removes all momentum and acceleration and keeps the muscles continuously “under load” which effectively fatigues the muscle very quickly and safely.
  2. 2-The workout is 15 minutes.
  3. 3-Rest between the high intensity workouts is essential for the body to recover and become stronger.  Optimal recovery time is 5-8 days, so clients come once per week and we encourage them to engage in other forms of movement that bring them enjoyment and stress relief, as stress is a leading cause of both disease and retaining excess weight.  No additional weight training should be done during the week.
  4. 4-Trainers provide continuous support and instruction through every workout, the whole workout.  This ensures excellent form, strong mental focus (staying in your zone), the proper amount of weight, and record-keeping to track your progress.  The support is very motivating and allows clients to feel both physically and emotionally safe enough to push themselves and achieve amazing performance.  Our clients often comment on their gratitude for the presence of the trainers and how much that dedication to and complete focus on them encourages greater achievement.
  5. 5-Your time and investment is extremely valuable.  We will never waste it by having you do any form of exercise that is inefficient or non-productive.

This exercise system came out of osteoporosis research from the early 80’s at University of Florida. Arthur Jones (inventor of Nautilus machines) and Ken Hutchins (father of High Intensity Training) ran clinical trials with post menopausal women with osteoporosis to see how they could regain lost bone density, mobility, and muscle mass through exercise.

These women were too frail to use regular weight lifting so they slowed down to almost slow motion.

The slow motion was safer – it eliminated injuries and helped the women gain muscle mass far faster than conventional methods.

They discovered that a far lower volume and frequency of exercise at a greater intensity produced the greatest increase in bone density, muscle mass, fat loss, and cardio vascular benefits. Further, this was not just the case in postmenopausal women; In subsequent studies, everyone from high level athletes to sedentary people experienced the same results.

Our exercise protocol at Evolved Health is a safe, effective, and efficient way to workout for maximum health benefits without the downsides of conventional exercise programs such as boredom, injury, lack of time, feeling intimidated, inattentive staff, and lack of results!

We are dedicated to our client’s success and create every input to sustainable long term health, fitness, strength, energy, and vitality.  We want you to look and feel outstanding.


Muscle matters! Muscle is your ultimate anti-aging ingredient.

Dr Doug McGuff, the leading authority on this protocol, and author of Body By Science, says this about High Intensity Weight Training:

Long cardio sessions waste time and waste away precious muscle. You are eating your ownmuscle with this style of workout while not burning the fat or amount of calories that we have been led to believe.

Working out for long periods at a high level of intensity is unnecessary and counterproductive. The likelihood of burnout and fatigue is high. This is simply too much of a good thing. Furthermore, if the movements are random and not controlled at these high levels of intensity, the risk of injury is high.

If you are starting to experience chronic injury or pain from going hard and long in your regular exercise routine and feel frustrated with lack of results OR if  you used to exercise 2, 5 or 10 years ago but quit and never got started again, then read on!

  1. 1-Short duration, high intensity weight lifting once per week is all you need for exercise. You will feel more like moving when you have active muscle tissue in your body. We encourage our clients to do the things that make them feel happy and less stressed for additional movement during the week. It may be as simple as a walk outside over lunch, a yoga class with a friend, hiking, skiing, or gardening. When you are stronger, you are energized to get off the couch and move your body more.
  2. 2-Nutritional support – is important!   Tweaks to diet will augment the strength training to shift your body into fat burning mode.  Gradually implementing healthier eating will lead to success more readily than trying to change radically.  Our guidelines help you bring in the good and allow the not as good to fall away over time.
  3. 3-Rest – allow the body to create stronger, bigger muscles by ensuring adequate rest between workouts and enjoying light recreational activity.

You can still enjoy your regular activities, but you must give time in between workouts for the body to adapt and build more muscle.  Overtraining is very common these days in the high intensity world, resulting in injuries and less than optimal results.

When a muscle is pushed to fatigue through heavy resistance training, a signal or stimulus is delivered to the body: ”Make more muscle!“ If the body is then given proper nutrition and adequate rest, it will produce more muscle and burn fat.

Low intensity “aerobic training” does not produce enough of a stimulus for the muscles to adapt and grow bigger.  In fact, this form of training actually causes the body to dump unnecessary muscle as it is “too expensive” to keep around. It takes more calories to fuel muscles, and if you are not using them to their fullest capacity, the body will not keep them.