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What to eat to break your fast

So you did it! You resisted your cravings and allowed your body uninterrupted reset time.  Congratulations! So what’s next? Breaking your fast, of course! We don’t recommend breaking your hard earned fast with a large pizza with extra cheese, but stick to a whole foods diet – nothing too processed, and nothing that will spike […]

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Fasting Benefits it’s not only for losing weight

If you are an Evolved Health client, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “intermittent fasting” a handful of times during your once a week visits. It seems excessive to hear this term so often at a weekly 20 minute appointment, but it really just is a reflection of how much we love it. We talk […]

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This February, My Focus is Self-love!

We all know that healthy eating and exercise are key to a healthy life. Did you know that self-love is also necessary to achieve health? Self-recrimination, on the other hand, will deter your best efforts and the strongest of will power. If health is one of your goals, start to view your action steps as […]

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Relieve and Heal Muscle and Joint Pain at Evolved Health

You’ve had enough. Your muscles and joints have ached for months, years or maybe even decades. Sharp pain, dull or achy pain, shooting pain, infrequent pain or pain pretty much all the time. Back pain, neck pain, hip pain, you name it pain. Evolved Health clients report a huge improvement in joint and muscle pain, some […]

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Bloating, Inflammation or Fat.

How is the bloating, inflammation, or fat challenge of the month? Have you discovered any foods that are causing bloating? Have digestive enzymes helped? The other nutrition piece we are exploring this month is inflammation or specifically systemic inflammation. Some of the symptoms of systemic inflammation are: 1. craving carbohydrates 2. continuous fatigue 3. being […]

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Bloating, Inflammation or Fat. Which is it?

Inflammation, bloating or fat? Is your stomach bothering you now that bathing suit season is here? Men, are you hesitant to take off your shirt in public? Women, are you embarrassed wearing a bikini or tight summer top? Before you despair at your “belly fat”, consider what could be the source and some possible solutions. […]

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Training Plateaus

Have you hit your first or second training plateau? That is when you feel as if you are no longer making progress and perhaps even backsliding. It is a normal part of the training cycle. It is important to know how to handle these plateaus and handle the feelings of discouragement that comes with them. […]

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The importance of relaxation

Relax your jaw, Soften your eyes, Melt your throat. Clients sometimes ask why we place so much attention on relaxation. First, there is no point in strengthening parts of ourselves and creating more tension and hardness in our tissues as we do so. The ideal is having muscles that are strong, supple, and have a […]

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Simple Daily Detox Habits

Spring is traditionally a time for a detox program. For some this is associated as a daunting task of 3 or 7 or 30 days of drinking horrible shakes, taking weird herbs and depriving self of life’s pleasurable foods. There is certainly merit to an intensive spring body detox as we are inundated with chemicals […]

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Intermittent Fasting to Curb Cravings and Promote Fat Burning

Have you tried intermittent fasting? How did it go? Did you feel hungry or were you surprised by feeling less cravings or focus on food? Here is a quote from a recent article from Dr Mercola on intermittent fasting (IT): Scientists are also examining the way fasting affects cellular and mitochondrial function, and longevity. They’ve […]