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Invisible Benefits Happening Behind the Scenes

Happy September!  We hope you felt the positive effects of weight training while enjoying summer’s pleasures like golfing, hiking, biking and water sports. Many of you have told us that you felt much stronger and healthier this summer with better cardio vascular conditioning, more confident in your summer clothes and proud of your body. Hearing […]

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Have summer fun being strong!

Happy mid-late Summer!  I enjoy hearing how your strength gains are enhancing summer fun.  Better golf drives (haven’t heard anything on putting yet;-), miraculous gardening feats (moved 6 metric tons of dirt and supplies), cycling victories, running personal bests, and feeling super human hiking the big mountains.  We’ve had a couple people move over the […]

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Will Bulletproof Coffee Deflect Bullets?

Source: Bulletproof Coffee Website (The answer is no, but it can drastically change your metabolism & give your brain superpowers.) At 15 Minute Exercise we like to make the impossible, possible. Such as, building muscle & bone density in just 15 minutes of weight lifting a week. Sounds crazy, but hey, science is science. So […]

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Eat like a caveman! Here’s why

What is Paleo? Paleo is everywhere. The books, the blogs, even the celebrity endorsement. With it being such a trend in the past year, and remaining in the spotlight, it is impossible to avoid Paleo. So what exactly is Paleo? Is it another diet that requires the self-control that only monks possess? Do you have […]

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Metabolisms are not only for the young!

Metabolism Boosters Is your metabolism preventing you from shedding those few extra pounds? Even with diet and exercise, with a slow metabolism, weight loss can be almost impossible. Luckily, there are a few methods available to restore that indolent metabolism! If you have a slow metabolism, it’s can be due to chronic inflammation. With a […]

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Chia – Turning your childhood grass pet into your adulthood superfood!

Bone broth. Does not exactly sound appetizing does it? If you ask me, it sounds almost witch-like and mystical. Never would I have thought that meat-flavored water would be a trending food in 2015. Are you hungry yet? All skepticism aside, I decided to do a little research on this bone broth, as it is […]

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Calgary restaurants prove that nutritious can be delicious!

I recently found a twitter account that features healthy restaurants in Calgary. I was pretty excited about this. Eating at popular restaurants is sometimes difficult, as they do not have a wide selection of healthy meals that will leave you feeling full. Luckily, this twitter account also has an entire website that archives healthy eats […]

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Natural Cold-Fighting Remedies

Why are colds so common in the wintertime? What is the perfect way to top off short days, freezing temps, and awful driving conditions? A cold of course! What is better than alternating between scraping ice off your car and wiping your runny nose on your jacket sleeve? All snot aside, Dr. Mercola states the […]